Unit Map
  • Transformation
    • States of Matter
      • Solids
        • Students will create their own “oobleck” which is a kind of slime. This will allow them to see something that is both a liquid and a solid.
      • Liquids
        • Students will see how a liquid can be formed into either a gas or a solid and even go back to the liquid state.
      • Gases
        • Students will be able to see a humidifier create a gas from liquid.
      • Social studies
        • Students will identify solids, liquids, and gases in the world around them.
    • Water Cycle
      • Why does it rain?
        • Students will make a water cycle in a plastic bag to see how it actually works.
      • Social Studies:
        • Students will look at a map identifying different water sources involved in the water cycle in the world around them.
    • Basic Atoms
      • Atomic Structure of an Atom
        • Students will create their own model of a basic atom out of Styrofoam.
      • Atomic Structure of Water
        • Students will create their own H2O molecule out of construction paper to see how 3 atoms work together to form something we see in our everyday lives.
    • Natural Earth Material vs. Manufactured Materials
      • Natural Earth Materials
        • Students will see how soil, rocks, and water are important to our planet.
      • Manufactured Materials
        • Students will see how manufactured materials can damage our natural earth materials. (ex. Styrofoam cups being left in the soil)
    • Final Project
      • Students will create a sustainability project where they will develop a way to conserve water in their home.

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