A Unit on Transformation

Ashley Hohaus
Hanna Hemmingson
Sammy Stevens
Amy Hunter
Felicia Bentley



The topic or theme in this unit is Transformation. We chose this topic because of the interesting key concepts that are incorporated in it. For example, states of matter and atoms. There are so many fun and educational activities that we could think of to teach students about states of matter as well as the other subunits in this unit.

Throughout this unit, the overall goals for students to attain are an understanding of states of matter, the water cycle, basic atoms, and natural earth materials vs. manufactured materials which are all a source of transformation. In addition to the science goals in this unit the hope is that students will also have a social studies understanding of the topics by being able to identify and see the various topics in their world around them. For example, the objective is that students will be able to identify different states of matter that they see around them like that ice is a solid and water a liquid.

The end goal for students throughout this unit is that they will be able to use their knowledge of transformation in science to develop a sustainability project to conserve water, which is a state of matter, a natural earth material, and involved in the water cycle, in their home. This final project will use the knowledge they have gained throughout all the subunits in this unit and be able to demonstrate the understanding they have gained in an interesting and hands on way.

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