Transdisciplinary (Integrative) (MAAK)

In order to include other subject areas into this science unit we developed integrated activities. In our first large activity in this unit we have students doing a cabbage juice experiment. Literacy and art are incorporated in this activity since students keep a journal of their observations as well as drawing color changes they observed in the cabbage. The teacher could even go as far as to have the students write about what they liked/didn’t like about the experiment. Our next activity had students submerging materials into liquids and watching them change over time. For this activity we also integrated writing and art in the same way. We had students writing their observations every week in addition to drawing what changes they saw in the materials. In our final activity we integrated many subjects. This activity included a teacher conducted lesson about acid rain followed by student presentations. The point of this activity was for the students to learn about acid rain, what it is, where it comes from, how it affects the crops, and what states have the most acid rain and why. Within this activity we have integrated geography, literacy, science and technology. This is accomplished by having students researching on the computers, learning about specific states and their crops, connecting all of this to acid rain, and doing presentations.

Inquiry and exploration are a huge part of our lesson. We allowed students to do multiple hands on activities where they get to use predictions, observations, and analyzing to further their learning. In two of our activities we have students making hypothesis’s about what will happen followed my exploration and observation and finally analyzing their results. This engages our students and allows them to ask questions and really get involved in their learning. Lastly, using the internet as their guide we have students exploring the idea of acid rain as it relates to the U.S. This allows students to find information that they find meaningful and interesting and share it with their classmates.

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