Team Teck Travis Emelia Chelsea And Kristina Final Project B

Welcome to our Final Project Page! We hope you enjoy our unit on Boats, Floating, and Sinking.

The theme of our project is the sinking and floating of boats. For this unit, children will be taught the concepts of density and buoyancy, which will allow them to acquire knowledge of why different objects sink or float. From there, children will have the opportunity to hypothesize and test a variety of objects that differentiate in their density to see which objects are more or less dense. Children will be able to use their five senses to observe these objects in order to create an idea of how to categorize the objects’ density levels. For example, objects that are harder and heavier may not float while objects that are softer and more porous may be more likely to float. This information can then be applied to creating a boat that can float and hold weight without sinking. The overall goal for the children is to demonstrate their understanding of density and buoyancy by recognizing materials that will make a boat float successfully and constructing them into an “unsinkable ship.” Children will be encouraged to be creative with the design of their boat and may be asked to think of ways that their boat can be enhanced to hold more weight. The intent for this unit is to provide children with basic information that they can use to help them construct their knowledge in an engaging and meaningful way.

Check our PDF File for our full Unit. You may use it as a template in the future ;)

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