Teachers As Inventors

When you think of what an inventor means or who they are, most people may think of someone or many people that have made an impact on society. This may include people who thought of concepts, people who thought of technology that had never been seen before, or even people who invented the things we use in our every day lives. But people rarely think about the influence and impact of individuals who educated those familiar names and faces. These people are their educators, and without them their lives and ours could have played out very differently.

What many teachers neglect to acknowledge is that every person had at least one teacher, so it is our job to realize that we can inspire that student in the right ways who will go on in life with an inventive perspective and they too may have an impact on society. Reaching this goal is not done by testing our students or boring them with lectures about what WE think is important for them to know. Rather this goal can be met by implementing inquiry based learning, play, teaching students how rather then what to think, teaching them the process of problem based learning, and giving them broad topics that they can modify to fit their interests.

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