The Innovative Kids Project

This project promotes children as creators of knowledge. Teachers will be trained to capitalize on children's curiosity in ways that engage them in complex and creative thinking. This thinking focuses on patterns that are basic to all subjects and everyday experiences. Through such a focus, children will explore new ways of understanding the world. Web-based instructional videos will provide approaches for helping children prepare innovative projects for submission to a web-based, kids' journal.

The problems we are addressing include:

  • Children are not engaged by school
  • Children's intelligence and creativity are not being developed
  • School learning is fragmented and disconnected
  • Children do not find schools meaningful or relevant.

We also need a new view of what schools should be doing, so that we can help develop the future thinkers we will need to solve our global problems and create better societies. Our children need to develop into creative thinkers and problem-solvers with a passion for learning.

The project will impact teachers and children from many cultural backgrounds across the country. The annual Conference of Innovative Kids and a web-based Innovative Kids Journal (website to come) will bring national attention to how children can produce creative and deeply interconnected ideas with thepotential to change our world. An additional website with instructional videos for teachers and parents will provide assistance for those who wish to join the effort and inspire others to value children's thinking.

Children are the basic inspiration. They are wonderfully creative, critical, and insightful, but schools have a tendency to crush these qualities. When you see children follow their curiosities and passions, you find a new and inspiring world of possibilities and hope for the future. Our children can change our world through the natural and social sciences, the visual and performing arts, mathematics, and any number of trades and professions. We must help them develop to their fullest potential.

Want to join in the effort? Please contact me at ude.uan|moolb.ffej#ude.uan|moolb.ffej

The Innovative Kids Project Introductory Video

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