Communities, Cycles, and Sustainability

Chelsea Clark, Brittani Greve, Lina Jacobs, Naomi Koeplin, Megan Robinson, Katie Wennig


Welcome to the wiki on sustainable living, its cycles, its benefits, and the how-tos regarding implementation in an elementary school classroom. This is an adaptable unit plan focusing on science and social studies.

What is the the rationale for this unit plan?

To introduce children to the necessity of sustainable living.

Why is sustainable living important?

Children need to be aware that humans are currently using resources faster than they can be replenished and are starting to reap the negative consequences of such use.

What is the purpose of this unit?

The purpose is not only to raise awareness but also to encourage critical thought in finding solutions to this current crisis and combat the inefficient use of the Earth's precious resources.

What is the goal?

The goal is for students to learn, appreciate and implement the values and practices of sustaining community life. This unit proposes sustaining community life through…

  • Learning about the water cycle and how to conserve water
  • The construction and uses of compost
  • Building and maintaining gardens as a social activity as well as to meet the physical needs for food and oxygen

The image below represents the main components of the unit plan, and it is followed by links to the pages portraying the specific information in each of these categories in the Communities, Cycles, and Sustainability Unit Plan.

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