What is a Community?

An ecological unit composed of organisms or a population of different species occupying a particular area, usually interacting with each other and their environment.

What are Some Different Types of Communities?

  • Cultural Communities
  • School/Classroom Communities
  • Sports and Recreational Communities
  • Professional (job) Communities
  • Ecological Communities
  • Neighborhood Communities

Who is in Your Community?

  • Families
  • Schools
  • Government Officials
  • Businesses
  • Neighbors
  • Animals
  • Plants

Why is it Important to Care for Your Community?

  • Every member of a commuity helps the others survive:
  • Plants supply food and clean air
  • Animals supply food and protection and contribute to plant life
  • Humans care for continued growth of plants and animals, and provide assistance for each other for food and shelter

What are Some Effects Humans Have on the Environment?


What can You do to Help Your Community?

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

  • Water can be reused to water plants
  • Recycling as much as possible to reduce the amount of natural resources we are using
  • Use only what is needed

Plant New Trees

Donate Old Clothes to Charity

Waste Not

What ideas can you come up with to help the community?

Foundations that help those in need

  • Salvation Army
  • American Red Cross
  • Food for the Hungry International
  • Doctors Without Borders

Examples of Youth in Motion


Ryan's Well

  • At 6 years old, Ryan saved up money to build a well in Africa
  • Worked on extra chores at home to earn money for his project
  • Changed the life of students in a primary school in Uganda
  • Helped the community have access to clean water, improving sanitation and morale
  • The school population increased from 200 students to approximately 2,000 students
  • Children and adults did not have to walk 30km just to get dirty water

The Spirit Bear Youth Coalition

    • D. Simon Jackson, founder and chairman, learned at 7 years old that no matter the age of a person, each one can make a difference
    • Began as a passion for bears and support of protecting Alaska’s Kodiak bears
  • Volunteer, youth-run, non-profit organization begun by Simon Jackson at 13 years old with 3 friends
  • Strives to reach a balance that meets the needs of all stakeholders and especially the spirit bears
  • Unites people from all over the world for a cause
  • “Proves that a young person with no remarkable skills, or intellect, but simply a passion, can take hold of a cause and united the world.”

Meal Exchange

  • National student-founded, youth-driven organization that addresses local hunger
  • Mission
    • “To engage, educate, and mobilize youth to work with their communities in order to alleviate hunger and achieve food security.”
  • Founded by 17 year old Rahul Raj in order to use up excess meal points by helping others in need
  • Trick or Eat: collected non-perishable food items on Halloween
  • Skip a Meal: student meal plan holders can donate a meal from their meal plan
  • 24-4-Hunger: youth raise funds in support of school breakfast and lunch programs
  • Portraits of Hunger: theatre project that features stories of hunger from research and writing by students

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