Sub Units Inquiries Inquiry Questions And Data Analysis

Sub Unit Activities: For the inventions theme there are many ways to have sub unit activities and mini lessons. The following are open ended, inquiry-based activities that will reinforce the inventions theme.

  • Students will be given a piece of technology or an an idea, and have to think of modern day innovations to expand on the invention, and create a prototype of it. A reflection will be paired with this activity and students will talk about how their innovation would work and why they think it would be successful in today’s society.
  • Another sub unit could be implemented by a lottery task. The students would be given a problem to solve and through the inventive process and problem based learning they will come up with an “answer” using no outside sources. Students will gain perspective of what a scientist goes through and how trial and error is a very prominent part of learning.

Another important aspect of teaching these concepts and working through the sub units is understanding how to analyze the data. The following are ways that students can analyze the data in each sub unit in order to come up with solutions.

  • Compare to modern day situations
  • Put themselves in that experience
  • Research with technology what has been done before
  • Collaborate with fellow students
  • Trial and error

Inquiry Questions to Ask Students

  • What is the problem?
  • Why does it fail?
  • What would make it work?
  • Who would use this?
  • What aspects work, and what aspects prevent it from working?
  • What are its restrictions?
  • Why is it needed?
  • How do I use it?
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