Big Book of Hierarchies by Breanna Tomko (Patterns Project)


Breanna Tomko

Hierarchies are all around us. We live in constant natural and unnatural hierarchies.

Scroll through to find:
  • Examples of hierarchies
  • How education is a control system
  • Relations between the educational hierarchy and the different results if the pyramid chart was flipped
  • Analyze questions that are major eye openers when in a hierarchy situation
  • View a brief example of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and learn the importance it has on learning.
According to websters dictionary, hierarchy is defined as:
  • "A body of persons in authority"
  • "The classification of a group of people according to ability or to economic, social, or professional standing"
  • "A graded or ranked series a hierarchy of values"

A few synonyms listed in the thesaurus to describe hierarchy are:

  • Division
  • Chain of Command
  • Status
  • Quality
  • Leadership
  • Ordered to do something
  • Power Structure
  • Line of Dominance
  • Authority

*Who decides what is important and intriguing to students?
*How do people pick the curriculum? What is the most important knowledge for students to have?
*How useful is the material that is taught in schools?
*Who on the pyramid benefits from education?
*Which group of people should be the most important when educational results are concerned? Who should be the focus group?
*Do all groups have an equal say in education?
*What credentials should be required for those who decide the curriculum and how the educational system is operated?

Maslow’s Hierarchy & Learning

*Often educators assume students are fortunate to have fulfillment of the basic needs, but if they do not then their academic and social success can be in danger.
*A student must have nourishing food, a consistent home, and the feeling of being safe before their mind is free to learn at school.

Ideas for schools that recognize the importance of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

*Provide lunches/snack/drink for students who do not have their own. This would then accelerate the learners to the next level. By nurturing a trusting, safe environment, with a classroom social network, and providing praise in the form of positive reinforcement from the teachers, the students will be able to focus on their learning.

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