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Cluster Project This link will take you to my inquiry based work on the study of the meta-pattern for Clusters.There are several appendixed videos and presentations at the bottom of the text that will help make some of the concepts more relevant.

Protect Our Profession: Three Actions to Bring About Change

The following are only my suggestions to helping remedy the ills that have infected our educational system. They are in response to articles such as the one I hope you all took the time to read. Please take them for what they are worth to you.

As future education professionals, I would hope that you would invest not only your tuition dollars, time (teacher, learning, and preparing), energy, and good faith but, your collective voices to the powers that be.

Frankly, the types of legislative notions brought to light in the article are frightening and pandemic; especially in this state. Nationally, our state's collective point of view will be our most influential tool in making strides to better the education field. Locally, we have to make that point of view happen. I do not care if you are a Republican, Democrat or other, but recent history just goes to show how well a state can educate their youth when you put the unqualified at the helm. As a state run by a legislature with well over less than half its members holding a college diploma and a Hollywood raised, community college educated, former radiologist as our governor, is it a wonder why we are 50th in the country in education? Superintendent Tom Horne has about as much experience being a classroom teacher as I do being a lawyer, yet people like myself don't set the standards for the Bar exam that he had to take or the legal practices he has to follow. As a lawyer Tom Horne would never let that happen to his profession. Why are we letting him, and others like him, do it to ours? As current and future educators we need to not only read the articles that outrage us but, get involved in the current channels of government that will correct those trespasses. We can not continue to let these individuals make a mockery of our profession. If every teacher practiced the following three steps, I believe the changes we desire would be around the next corner.

  1. The first step is voting (and eventually running) to put in place qualified leaders. However, voting occurs only so often and each person is only one voice.
  2. Secondly change requires getting involved in the day to day processes of government. This is as easy as sending a few sentences in an email or placing a quick phone call regarding the education bills on the table, giving your support or descent, or asking questions about press releases to your representatives. Not only can you contact your district representatives regarding up coming votes and issues this easily (by following the instructions at ) but you can also get involved with advocacy groups to help reform those policies.
  3. This action is the third step to getting involved. Participate in groups that help influence the decisions, not just ones that share your like-minded ideals. Go to to see an example of an organization that helps influence the policies that we often claim hold us back. We may not always agree or even like the other members of these groups because of personal beliefs but, removing ourselves from the professional process only gives that much more power to the muckrakers and unqualified hacks who have abducted our profession.

I hope these statements have encouraged, informed and reminded some of you to approach these problems in a proactive manner. After all, if we care about our everyday environments, in this case our professional one, then we need to also take on the responsibility of being its stewards. We expect our students to be engaged with what is going on in our classrooms; our state should expect its teachers to be engaged in what is going on in education. With that expectation in mind, who better to be an influence on others than a teacher?

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