Integrative Opportunities and Metapatterns

Integrate Other Subject Areas

It may seem that physics of sports is mainly science related. However there are ways in which other subject areas can be easily incorporated.

  • Social Studies: Students can research different sports that are popular from countries around the world. They can explore the physics behind those sports they may not be familiar with such as cricket, rugby, ping pong and martial arts.
  • Math: The students can go into depth with the idea of velocity. They can use actual numbers to calculate different velocities from different objects involved in different sports. Students can also measure and calculate distance by throwing or kicking certain balls.
  • English: After each sport that has been discussed, students will write in their journals. Their daily entries will include ideas they found interesting, questions they may have or something that surprised them. This is a great time for students to reflect on what they have learned.
  • Art: Students can draw an example of how each vocabulary word is used in a particular sport. For example, to show how force is involved in soccer a student can draw someone kicking a soccer ball.

Possible Metapatterns

When looking at the meanings behind the different concepts of physics in sports there is a similarity to the metapattern of arrows. Arrows indicate things like movement, direction, acceleration, velocity and force. These have all been the main focus of the unit. Students will be encouraged to explore this idea further.

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