For our physics of sports theme, we chose to concentrate on specific aspects. We had balls of all shapes and sizes, such as a ping pong ball, a tennis ball, a golf ball, and a kickball. Having these different balls allowed us to explore the relationships between gravity, power, force, and distance. The idea was that the students would throw the different balls to see which ones traveled the fastest and rank them according to their speed. The goal of this activity was to show the students how different factors, such as force, weight, etc., affect the speed of any objects.


Unfortunately, our assigned spot was at the end of a hallway. We started out there but we quickly realized there was not going to be much action at the end. Since it was such a beautiful day out, we decided to move our activity outside. However we did not get many children out there either. We admit that our activity did not quite measure up to those such as bottle rockets or catapults.

If this activity was to be implemented again there are several changes we believe could help make this experience more effective. We think having everyone's activities be in the same location would help the amount of participation at each booth. Since some people were outside while others were in classrooms or even upstairs, it was difficult for guests to make it around to all the areas. There were numerous other activities that were happening all around in the community. We have to wonder what it would have been like if this was the only event going on.

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