Engagement, Inquiry, and End Product


  • Teacher will show short clips from different sports games. These clips will include a quarterback throwing a touchdown pass, a goal keeper stopping a soccer ball or a tennis player serving.
  • Teacher can find out what the students already know about sports and which ones they are interested in. By activating prior knowledge it will allow them to generate a connection with the unit already.
  • The class will brainstorm ideas about what they personally think physics entails.


  • Each day will be focused on one particular sport. Example: Monday will be all about football and Tuesday will concentrate on soccer, etc. This set up will provide adequate time to go into detail about the mechanics behind each sport.
  • As the key vocabulary words come up during discussion they will be placed on a classroom word wall with a corresponding definition. Having the words posted will allow the students to see them each day and give them an opportunity to interact with them.
  • Children learn through play, so the best way to help them learn and understand new things is through hands on activities and interaction. This concept is especially true when it comes to sports. The majority of children love playing sports, so it would be appropriate to allow them to engage in each of the different sports that they are learning about. This will also give them a chance to see firsthand the physics and mechanics behind each sport as they are playing them.

End Product

  • As a way of incorporating all of the ideas and concepts learned in this unit, the students will create their own "sport", using what they have learned about the different mechanics that are involved in the sports they have learned about. Each student will introduce their created sport and discuss the physics behind it. Then, the class will have their own form of the Olympics, and each student's sport will be included.

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