Concepts Involved

There are several concepts that we expect our children to develop while exploring through this unit. We feel that these are essential in understanding the overall unit of physics in sports. It is important for children to know how their bodies work while playing games. They can then take it a step further and realize they are in control of their motions.

  • What must be measured to determine the average speed of an object.
  • Describe how the speed of an object is controlled by the athlete.
  • Discuss velocity and acceleration and how they apply to sports.
  • Discuss force, friction and gravity and how they work in sports.

Throughout our unit, we will discover the importance of these concepts.

Some key vocabulary that will be incorporated and defined are:

  • Speed
  • Velocity
  • Gravity
  • Work
  • Acceleration
  • Force
  • Power
  • Friction
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