One Two Three Blast Off

Megan Macias
Amanda Reed
Erica Bender
Danielle Fameli


For our group project our theme was outer space. We chose this because for centuries people have been fascinated with space. From several cultures throughout history, including our own, we have seen a pattern of people wanting to discover the unknown of what space is like. We want to spark that curiosity in children and have them realize that the stars the gaze at every night have meaning not just to them but to other cultures, and the astronauts in space are researching and discovering new things about the unknown all the time.

Goals For The Children

• Children use their critical thinking skills to understand what space is like
• Children’s interest in outer space is peaked
• Children work through the centers and discover the science and social studies aspects behind the sun dials, and rockets.
• Children have a better understanding of what the life of an astronaut is like

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