Invention Theme Implementation

Description/ Reflection: For our implementation of the inventors theme we created an inventions station with raw household materials. The purpose of the station was to intrigue children to come over and feel the excitement of being able to use any of the items they saw and create whatever they wanted. The idea was that students could come up and have floor space and spend as much time as they needed to create something that they came up with. Through prompting and questioning, we would encourage the students to think of something they would find useful, how it would work, and how it could change our lives or the world.

Our booth was placed on the 2nd floor, so for starters I feel that affected the number of guest we had visit. Overall we had 3 kids come and visit us, 2 of which were NAU employee’s kids and none of them actually invented anything, thought about the use, or a name for it, etc.

Overall there are many things that I think we should change if NAU decides to do this again next year. I think that there was more traffic downstairs and outside rather then upstairs. I think that if everyone was in the same area that the flow would be much better. Also I think that there needed to be more advertising throughout the town, as well as more research on conflicting community programs. I know there were a couple schools in the area that did not receive any notification, as well as certain papers and radio stations that did not advertise for us at all. I understand that there needed to be a change of date from the 23rd to the 16th, however even though the turnout was not ideal I think had the date stayed the same on the day before Easter, it would have been even worse.

Overall we think that in this particular situation, we would have taken more from being in the classroom rather then this event considering the circumstances. However we did take away a lot of great ideas for our future classrooms. Since there weren’t that many people it gave us the opportunity to walk around and try everyone’s activities. The ideas that our classmates came up with were things that we would not have come up with ourselves. It was amazing to see how our fellow colleagues had such different perspective on the incorporation of specific branches of science that could be expanded into unit themes.

Recommendations for Future Implantation: Since the first implementation was not successful we were able to gain perspective and insight on what worked and what didn’t and question our original methods. In our future classrooms, this unit would be engaging because of previous experiences our students might have had in other classrooms. The way students may have previous learned, will be very different than this unit and we believe that is what will excite them. By having academic freedom through inquiry in this unit the students will use prior knowledge but in a new and exciting way. In our classrooms this unit would have more introduction and more assessment procedures in order to create meaning for our students.

The beauty of this unit is that the flexibility is endless whether in terms of academic achievement level, cultural or religious issues, and age. Through the idea of students and teachers being inventors, the learning process and style changes drastically, and the goal of an inventive mindset becomes a reality.

Look at what it can lead to…

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