Implementation Solid Liquid Gas

a. Description:


  • Students can measure heated water, amount of chocolate mix and how many marshmallows will be needed. They can also use fractions and proportions to get the perfect balance of water, chocolate and marshmallows.


  • Lesson Integration can be implemented by incorporating the history of chocolate students can develop a historical understanding of where chocolate came from and its affect on human society.


  • Students can incorporate their writing into the unit by writing their own recopies and researching facts about chocolate and writing a reflection. Writing a reflection about the experiment will help reinforce their understanding of the concepts taught and presented as well as the key vocabulary.


  • Art can be incorporated by having the students draw diagrams of the procedures taken to make hot chocolate. They can make their own directions using pictures and visual representation for the procedures. They can color and decorate many different ways, if they want to incorporate art in another way, they will have the freedom to do so.

b.Reflection and Critical Analyses:

  • Our activities were effective in engaging our children in that they were interesting and mind-puzzling. Providing the students with interesting facts about chocolate and where chocolate came from interested the kids because they were all chocolate lovers or knew someone who liked chocolate. Being able to learn and take these fun facts home made the kids excited and willing to share their ideas and collaborate with each other come up with new information they could learn.
  • To make our presentation and activity more effective we could create/provide more games and interactive activities for the students, separate from the actual experiment. We could also do this experiment within the same day or week as another class and then collaborate with those students, grouping the students together into bigger groups; we could even divide the students up and create team, competing to define the vocabulary words, key concepts, fun facts about chocolate or other examples that change from solid to liquid to gas.
  • Although incorporating the fun facts about chocolate may seem easy and simple, it was really effective. We had adults and college students coming to our station at a public event held at my college and they were dumbfound by some of the statistics; they are fun yet educational. I had a good time taking with students and other persons about some of the alarming facts. Point being, you can do this with any food or idea; look up fun basic facts and display to your class.

c. Recommendations for Future Implementation:

  • For future implementation a teacher could use multiple foods as examples in the class to compare levels of melting/ or differences in heat levels needed to change a substance from a solid to a liquid or liquid to gas.
  • We could change this lesson to address other populations such as age by either simplifying the concepts, vocabulary, or steps for younger students or by making the lesson more complex for older students by including more advanced vocabulary, and having the students build their own projects and presenting them to the public (another class, the school, the community).
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