Exploring Acids with MAAK (Unit Plan)

Megan Rostowsky
Allison Smelter
Amby Kelly
Kiana Kometani



The topic we chose for this unit was acidity. We chose this theme because we thought that it is a topic applicable to everyday life and is important for students to learn about. Additionally there are many hands on, educational activities that can be done to further explore acids. In this unit students are expected to learn about acidity in different substances, bases, neutrals, and acid rain. In addition to learning about acids as it relates to science, students will be given the opportunity to learn about topics in social studies such as where the goods grow in the United States and how they are affected by acid rain. The overall goal for this unit is to inform students about acidity. The unit activities, experiments, and presentations will allow students to apply what they have learned throughout the unit.

Prior knowledge needed to gain a full understanding of acidity:

-Students will have already learned the following concepts of weather and climate
-the water cycle
-climate in different regions

-Students will have already learned the following concepts of plants
-plant structure
-plant processes and needs
-environmental factors that affect plants

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