Engagement Inquiry And Finished Product

With the idea of invention in mind, there are many ways to use this theme and expand in engaging ways. Using our implementation of the creation of inventions the most engaging aspect is the fact that students have total creative freedom. It is important to remember that by modeling and maintaining a sense of excitement as teachers will further engage our students and they will be more invested in the task. By creating your own inventions using similar materials it will motivate and demonstrate what students are expected to do. Another way to engage students in this unit would be to use question prompting to bring students to the highest expectations. A lot of times students might not know where to start with such an open ended unit such as this and by questioning them, it may open up many more opportunities all the while giving them reassurance that some children need to feel successful.

The most beneficial end product in this invention themed unit would be an invention fair at the school. If this coincides with other grade levels it can be a whole school event or individual grade level and class. The students will go through the initial invention process and the sub units with the intention of creating something unique that they want to share with the guests. As stated before the element of inquiry should be present in order for students to critically think of new inventions or innovations. The following video demonstrates this process.

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