Assessment (MAAK)

First and Second Activity Assessments: Cabbage Juice and Bone Experiments
1. The students will start journaling before the experiment occurs in order to show their prior knowledge and any questions they may have. This will be a time for them to explain what they think will happen and why.
2. The students will keep an ongoing journal throughout the experiment. This will monitor their thoughts and reactions throughout the process. It will also demonstrate to the teacher their understanding of what is happening and what they are observing.
3. To further assess the students during the activity we will be observing their reactions, emotions, and group collaboration in order to gather their progress through the experiment.
4. The students will be assessed at the end of the activity by turning in their journal, the group work done and participation throughout the activity.
5. The students will also have to turn in a prediction, hypothesis, materials used, observations, results and conclusions.

Third Activity Assessment: Researching Acid Rain
1. The students will be assessed based on getting information from the internet and using that information to present to the class.
2. The students will have a choice of doing a poster, chart, power point presentation, brochure, research paper, etc… in order to present information and be assessed by teacher.
3. Students will not only be assessed based on information given but also the way in which they present.
4. Students will also be assessed based on participation in introductory discussion about what they might know about acid rain.
5. When student’s are working on researching, they will be assessed based on participation and group collaboration.
6. Students will also turn in any artifacts used in presentation and teacher will grade accordingly.

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